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Children Wall Clock, Learning to Tell Time for Kid, Clock for Preschool & Nursery

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Rotatable Clock Chart, Learning to Tell Time, Clock Chart for Toddler, Montessori Inspired Clock, Play Based Clock Chart,Christmas Gift 2019

. 1 Clock Wall Chart with measurement: 40 x 60 cm.
. Embroidery Clock measurement is 9.5".
. Embroidery phrases (8” x 1.5”)- “in the morning”, “in the afternoon”, “in the evening”, “at night".
. All are able to be laundered.
. Each one sewed on Touch Fastener. No Glue, No Adhesive & No Toxins. In compliance with EN71 part 1,2,3. Approximately 170G Wall Chart which can easily hang with hook.
. Suitable for Kid's room, Classroom, Nursery Room, pediatrician's room.
. Suitable for aged 2-6 years. However the material shall be use according to kids' individual learning pace.

***** What can your child learn from this wall Chart? *****
. Children learn how to differentiate between AM & PM. Learn how to look at time!
. Learn the concept of time by moving the hour and minute hands

***** Advance learning :*****
. More is in the box.

***** Important notes from us *****
Please note that while this wall chart is appropriate for children aged 3 and above. Supervision is recommended as smaller pieces of the clock pins could be a choking hazard.