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Transportation, a daily tour with your kids


Every parent goes through a hectic period of transporting their children to and fro school.

Have you ever asked your child “which is your favourite time slot?” To one mom’s surprise, her son answered “I’m happiest when mummy fetches me to school and picks me up from school”. The mother asked “why?”. He replied with a joyful smile, “Because mommy will tell me there are carrots in my lunch box, that they are good for my body”.

Then the mother suddenly recalled how each day, her son will tell her about his experiences in school. On Monday, he learnt a new song “going for the bear hunt!”, that they sang together. Yesterday, his friend Jackson screamed in the classroom. And their mother-child conversation goes on and on throughout the journey until they reach home. She suddenly realised that her most “hectic” duty of the day is the most precious moment where they get to talk & focus on one another in that private “vacuum” space.

This festive season, you can grab a handmade fabric transport wall hanging for your little one. Let your car conversations come alive. The wall hanging also comes with tips on how to interact with your kids.

 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! All transportation wall hanging bought during the Christmas season, will come fully wrapped and ready to be given as a gift.

 Belinda Chee, mother of two at the showcase of Masfe Wall Chart in Subang.

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