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Should Children Academy Follow Trend?


Should we produce more trendy tools? Will people feel bored after sometime?

I’m going back to the original goal, for ages 2 – 6 is the fundamental years of learning. How to raise a child loving learning? One of the way is through reading with parent engagement. All have to start with recognising the total of 26 alphabets. There isn’t any shorter way. The sequence, the font types, the pronunciations, the vowel (a.e.i.o.u), the consonants, the small letters, the big letter, the words, sentences, comprehension and so forth.

How do we attract attention a child attention and keep them focused? The combination of craft and enabling interaction is how we attract children’s attention & keep them focused. Research has shown that children bond better with parents who converse more with them. They also learn better in following instruction.

Therefore, instead of adding more electronic elements, we make the colourful alphabets chart which is more appealing to the child. Engaging them with conversation and requesting for the child to directly respond will keep them on the right track of learning their ABCs.


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