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Sensory & Motor Development


We often hear that children have five areas of development: physical, cognitive, emotional and social-language, and sensory-motor skills. In our fast-paced world where everything is ‘go-go-go!’, parents tend to focus more on the first four areas above and forget about a child’s need to develop their sensory and motor skills.

Let’s discuss Sensory & motor development for a child. It is an on-going process, every child learns about the world using the five senses. Masfe takes this in mind by ensuring our products stimulate your child’s visual & motor skills and their sense of touch. Masfe Wall Hanging and fabric book are made by TC cotton. The softies is made by different material ranging from shining cloth, twill cotton, felt, and with embroidery. The purpose is to create different types of sensory effect. Encourage and develop your child’s sense of touch by giving them the different textures to feel. Talk about the different textures to build on their vocabulary. Encourage your child to match the softies to the wall hanging chart to build on visual processing and fine motor skills.


Taking the quote from Maria Montessori:

The Hands are the instruments of man’s intelligence

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