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How does Parents’ engagement look like to you?


In our previous blog, “how do we raise an obedient child?” we emphasized on parents’ engagement which is not to be replaced with electronic devices/media.

What is parents’ engagement? Some parents perceive that giving instructions or asking basic questions is already engaging with the child. We would like to share the idea that engaging with your child means BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. This means connecting at your child’s level so that you can teach the child learning skills and also build on moral values. So the questions and topic you connect with your child is a compass towards these directions. Your child will know you can teach them, guide them, love them. When they have questions, they will approach you first to seek answers. Naturally daily engagement with your child will build and strengthen parent-child relationship, something that electronic devices just cannot do on your behalf. This is WHY parents’ engagement is vital in a child’s learning process.

Masfe Learning Tools strongly emphasise and encourage parents’ engagement, by building in the element of interactions. The removable softies enable parent-child interaction, while providing ample opportunities for the child to learn multiple skills – all while playing together! Parents’ help to link a child’s learning with their daily life application.

Take Masfe Handmade transport Wall Chart for example. The child learns different types of transport in that chart (check out post on structured Play). Bring what your child learns from the Masfe chart into your conversations while traveling together. You can ask: “What do you see on the road?” Guide them, teach them and engage with them. Link what they learn in kindergarten into their daily life. Your child’s character and knowledge will surely be built up each day! Start this week by engaging your child – I hope you will build on a stronger, closer relationship with your children each and every day.

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