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How do you raise an obedient child?


You’ve probably read of articles about interactive toy. Interaction is very important for your family to continue connecting and bonding as a family unit. We need to communicate and interact within a society, and the first step is from our home. Reading & Playing with Parent Engagement and interaction is something very precious to a child. These precious moments between parent and child can never be replaced with TV/ electronic devices.

How can your child learn to be obedient if you don’t connect with them? Our society is filled with schedules and constant work to be done. “I’m busy” is the most common response of the modern-day parent. So how then can we cope? Answer these questions:

  1. Do you hug them regularly?
  2. Do you look into their eyes and tell them “I love you”? Even if you had said it over and over again.

If both your answers are “yes”, I’d like to applaud you; your child has learned acceptance. They have assurance from you, they have confidence to engage with others. Read a short story for them and sit them on your lap, do it as frequently as you can. If you are really busy and tired, short but frequent time together is still more meaningful and effective to connect with your child than hours spent on TV/electronic devises. When you practise this interaction time with your child each day, it will eventually become a life-long habit for your family to bond every day. A family that bonds together, stays together.


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