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How do we relate learning activities with real experiences?


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In all of Masfe’s blog posts, there is an emphasis on both the theoretical understanding on children’s learning development as well as practical guidelines for parents to use the Masfe products to effectively teach children different concepts as according to their learning development.

Each child is different. And they learn at different paces as they grow. Therefore, different stages of activities need to be introduced as they learn and master each stage of learning.  Masfe emphasises parental engagement in our children’s daily life. Learning concepts for academic purposes is one area in which a lot of parents are concerned about. But when you see that your child has learnt and understood what you have been trying to teach them, parents also need to help link what their children have been taught with their real-life experiences. This helps transforms head knowledge into skills and values which carry much weight in developing your child holistically.

Take for example, electronic media. Merely letting your child watch electronic media doesn’t help you to develop a meaningful relationship with your child. The parent-child interaction is far more powerful and meaningful to your child, especially for children under 3 years old. There have been many studies on the effect of electronic devices on a child’s overall speech-language, cognitive, attention and learning skills – so electronic devices really cannot replace the power of parent-child interaction. In fact, one study showed that co-watching (watching a video with your child and talking about it) can still positively affect your child’s learning as compared to unsupervised watching.

Watching Video with Mother

What can you do if digitally detoxing your child feels almost impossible? A beginning step will be to watch TV with them and use the story of the movie to draw value from it and help them to link back to their daily life. We highly recommend you watch a movie that promotes fatherly and motherly love. Here is the link ( which I personally find is useful to introduce the role of the father in a family and how as a child we shall respond to our father’s love.

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