Do you know naturally what the father’s role is? – MasfeMY

Do you know naturally what the father’s role is?


John Finch, Author

Masfe emphasises parental engagement in our children’s daily life. We reckon parents need to be equip while building the family together.

We found John Finch, the author of @thefathereffect book and @thefathereffect movie story teller. He has the same goal – to educate, equip & encourage men.

the father effect-John Finch, Author

Through the story of his own life & the many stories of others, John shares with his viewers the overwhelming impact fathers have on their children. He documented and make it into short film, as well as long film and he also written and publish the book. This will be a good resources for those who need to be encouraged and inspired. If you want to know more or you know someone need to know more or want to have some ideas about how a father, grandfather, teacher, mentor or father figure said or do SOMETHING to build life. You should watch this link. Watch it together with your children, draw the value out from this movie for yourself, your spouse and your children.


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