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What’s in our World? (Part 2/3)


This is our world

Let’s introduce Science and Geography to your children. In the previous post, we talked about fostering a child’s interest and curiosity of the world around them. Let’s break the word “science & geography” into early learner concepts that they can understand.

What is in our world

Our world has different weathers, temperatures, humidity and seasons. If you have a globe, show them. If not, use a picture. Explain to them that when a globe is opened up flat, it becomes a map of the world – just like the Masfe World Map! It is made of cloth and felt so you can pin pictures on it. Talk about the different animals that live in each continents and their natural habitats. E.g. “Asia has jungles. Tigers, monkeys and elephants live in the jungles.”

Animals live in jungles.

You can explain how the weather and temperature in these animal habitats influence the physical characteristics of these animals. Eg: “Camel eyes lashes are long & thick because they live in the desert. When the wind blows, these long eyes lashes prevent sand from getting into their eyes.” This type of knowledge expands a child’s imagination skills and also helps to build their logical and critical thinking.  Don’t limit yourself to animals – talk about plants, mountains, volcanoes… The topics are endless!

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#1. This is Our World

#2. What's in our world

#3. Music & Culture (will be out soon)

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