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This is our World! (Part 1/3)


Children World Map

We have great joy to see our children growing each day. We want to give them our best and help them to grow in every aspect. In this era of technology, children have early exposure to the wider world around them – whether through books, travels or electronic media. How do we explain to our child when they hear country names like China, America, Malaysia, Africa, Japan, United Kingdom? So today’s topic is really exciting to share with our children – This is Our World!

Where shall we start? Remember to apply structured and non-structured play while you use your Masfe Wall Chart (The World Map) with your children. Early learners can be taught the concept of colours using the colourful continents. They can also practise their matching skills by placing the individual continents onto their corresponding shapes on the map. The base is sewn with the outline of the land so to create the effect of puzzle in guiding them to match the place. Use words like “Africa is green. Let’s find the shape that matches!”

For older children, you can use the Masfe World Map to talk about concepts like continents, land masses, oceans, countries, and continent names. You can even have detailed conversations about how lands, islands and oceans are formed. What a great way to introduce science and geography at the same time!

the land, the oceans

After this, you can zoom into where he/she lives. Start from the continents then country then city. You can talk about different ways to travel from one place to another, and even link it back to their own travel experiences. Remember to engage by asking leading questions and help your child to link what they have learnt with their daily experiences. This World Map pack contains step-by-step learning tips for different age groups.

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The World Map looks great & big enough. The kids excited to learn and fast to memorize the map. It also easy for my teacher to teach as well as keeping it. - Ifa, KUL

Great product and beautifully made, Besides teaching World Map in my class, I’m using the map to teach children culture, costume, the idea of local fruits and so much more! – Ms. Kwan, KUL

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