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Music and Culture (Part 3/3)


Group Music Play in School

Did you know you can use the MASFE World Map to talk about the different cultures around the world? You can use the continents to talk about special musical instruments which are used in specific areas around the world. For example, Asian drums are called gongs and the Australian indigenous people use a wind instrument called didgeridoo. Besides showing them the pictures and pinning them on the corresponding continents, you can include music from youtube for the children to listen to. Have fun together by dancing along to the music. Better yet – learn the traditional dances together with your child for a great bonding session!

music & Culture

You can also talk about the different buildings which are iconic around the world. Eg: Liberty Statue, Buckingham Palace, Great Wall of China, the Tower of Pisa, the Egyptian Pyramids or even the snow igloos in Antartica! Use lots of descriptive words to build up your child’s vocabulary.

Igloo - building that found in Antarctica

Lastly, let us introduce the value of love, respect and inclusivity of one another in our daily life after our children have gotten to know more about other cultures in this world. Start with the playground, the school, the market that you brought them with you each day. See how important your role is to connect what children learn with their daily life!

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