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Is Learning Table Manners important to your toddler?


Table Manners for Toddler

We always have fond memories about family meals. There is something so comforting and loving about eating together with our loved ones, chattering together over the food we share.

We come from many different backgrounds and cultures. Some cultures use cutlery like chopsticks and spoon, knife and fork. Other cultures prefer to use their hands to handle their food. Despite the cultural differences in handling food, table manners need to be consistently taught to young children as these need much practise and reminders before they are able to automatically do them on their own.

Try using our latest MASFE product – Our first E-book,” Look! I have table manners”. Is giving free. Just send in your email. This product helps reinforce table manners in a playful manner for your children. In this E-book, there is a table setting consisting of a place mat, fork and spoon, plate and cup and napkin. You can work in our pre-meal time routines while playing. E.g. Before our meals, we have to wash our hands. Then use the table setting props to teach your children how to set up the meal. Other social routines that can be taught include waiting for everyone to sit at the table before beginning our meal together, serving others, pray before eating, waiting quietly for the food etc. You can also teach your child to say social words like “please, thank you, excuse me, can I…”.

This series is a fun tool for your child to learn values that will carry them for life. At the same time they can play with these materials as an accompaniment to the book. These materials are sold separately.

Learning Table Manner Playmat


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