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Games: Treasure phonics hunt


 MasfeMY Alphabets games - Treasure Hunts Toys

First, take out all the softies, leave the alphabet wall chart empty. Let’s play Treasure phonics hunt with your child. Ask your child to go around the room to identify which objects have the target alphabet/sound. Get the child to take the object/picture and put it on the ABC chart to create their own personalized chart.


A: aeroplane      B: Blanket            C: Cup             D: Dishes         E: Elephant      F: Fan

G: goggles         H: horse               I: Ink              J: Jam               K: Kangaroo      L: Lentil

M: mouse           N: net                  O: Oat             P: popcorn        Q: Quill             R: Ruler

S: skateboard    T: Tea                  U: Utensil       V: vase             W: waffle            X: Fox

Y: Yarn              Z: Zebra


This games is good to play with adult as well, in any situation for team work, pair up child-adult and let’s play together.

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