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Concept of present, past and future.


In my previous post, we have discussed on calendar in teaching our children dates, days, months and year.

We will discuss the concept of past, present and future here. Parents can engage them in conversation for example: Today you are having raisin with cereal for your breakfast, do you remember what you had yesterday? Once you have the answer from your child. You can proceed with another question, what do you want to eat for your breakfast tomorrow?

You can replace breakfast with other activities like lunch or choosing their favourite bed-time story.

You can also teach your older child this/last/next month. In MASFE’s previous post, I mentioned that children need to memorise the months in a year in sequence. Here you can use festive seasons or holidays to teach your children to relate to each month. Eg: Mother’s Day is in May, Christmas is in December. Another way is to use family member’s birthdays to link with specific months.

In the same way, you can engage them in learning years by asking questions like “last year you climbed mountains during your holiday camp, what would you like to do during holiday camp this year?”. You can also engaged them in learning four seasons in the year!

Parents and care takers interacting actively with their children using educational content can help them to connect what they learned and apply in their actual daily life. Values and logical thinking will be developed at the same time. So, let your child’s learning come alive.

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