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Take courage to share with us!


We lately received plenty of positive reviews from our clients in the USA, Australia, Philippine, Singapore etc.

Thank you for confirming Masfe’s choice to use fabric and different textures for our wall chart, fabric book and especially the removable softies. Everyone mentioned that they are happy with the high quality of our products.

One of the most encouraging feedback to hear from our clients is that their children and nephews love their Masfe products! They enjoy playing with it at home and school. If you’ve bought a Masfe product, we’d love to hear from you. Share your photo/ story of how your child learn and play with you through Masfe wall charts/fabric books. Your photos and stories will help encourage other parents to engage their children.

Use #masfemy #masfewallchart when you post your stories/photos on social media. You can share with us through our social media links:

  1. pinterest.com/masfemy
  2. twitter.com/masfemy
  3. facebook.com/masfemy

We would love to hear your story from different parts of the world!

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